About Her

My mother loved the mornings. She loved all mornings even after a bad night, because for her the morning brought a new beginning. A fresh start and a fresh cup of coffee. I could count on her being up every morning before me with a cup of coffee in one hand, the daily newspaper in the other and the news playing  in the background. She always stayed on top of every current event that was going on locally, statewide and nationally, it was the politician in her. She loved the news, essentially that is all she watched and therefore that is all we watched."Good morning honey, how did you sleep?" she would always ask me. 

She was always a selfless woman, this is the reason she loved people, both old and young. It seemed as if everything and everyone was drawn to my mother. The mornings are the hardest without her. On mornings like this I just try to remember her favorite things.

Family pictures, Football season, Dressing up for no occasion, Her gold cross,  Manicured nails,  The kitchen, Popsicles,  Christmas morning, Driving to the ranch,  Sundays,  Cooking for everybody and anybody,   Handwritten letters.