About Me

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I have always been a promoter for living in the moment. Oftentimes my mom would lecture me concerning this mentality. She was worried that my spontaneity would get me in trouble down the road. But, over the past year I noticed her mentality shift. She was telling me not to worry about the future. She was telling me to cherish the moment. After a long school day filled with tests, quizzes and meetings she would always tell me, "Missy take one thing at a time".  Now more than ever, I take one thing at a time. And when one thing at a time seems too overwhelming, I take one second at a time. 

At 22 years old my life and my family have experienced a drastic change. Without her, everything is slower. For now, that is acceptable. 

But I constantly hear my mom and feel her presence, telling us to dance, laugh, explore, dream, love, hope and believe. She wants us to live fully so she can live through us. In a month, on her birthday, May 23rd, I will be graduating college.  Every time I left her to return to San Diego for school she cried for days and so did I. We would convince ourselves that we were only a call away. I still call her phone four times a day to hear her voice. And she still answers my call.