Saturday, July 24, 2010

White wine, Cheez-its and a white porch

It is another night of chilled white wine, salty crisp Cheez-its and my favorite white porch.  This is how I wrap up every night here on the ranch.  Whether it is a day filled with checking cattle on the mountain or cleaning and sweeping, at mid-evening on any given summer night you will find me here with these three pleasures.  The wine is for relaxation, the cheez-its are for satisfaction and the white front porch is for exploration.  

The open spaces that lie beyond the white porch allow me to clear my often troubled mind and write freely as if no one will ever read the words I compose.  It lets me surrender to the desires to write about random things like white wine, cheez-its and a white porch. You should try it sometime.  All of it... writing as if no one will ever read your words and my three summer night pleasures, they all compliment each other charmingly.  And just enjoy... freely.  


  1. That sounds amazing. I wish I could A) be at your ranch and B) was able to eat Cheez It's (parm flavored). I also wish I had a birthday goblet that was always filled with more memories than wine. Until then- red wine, rice crackers, and dog hair will do.

  2. I miss that beautiful view...and the parties at the Ranch. What a fun time we all had, it was always a celebration, birthdays, campaigns, and good friends...